Capital Projects Funded by Bonds

In the past, what capital projects have been funded by bonds?

- Public Works facility

- Glendenning Road & Kenilworth Avenue Water Pumping Station

- Concrete road repairs

- Asphalt road replacement/repairs

- Police vehicles

- Dump truck and snow plow

- Village Hall roof 

- Purchase of 604 Green Bay Road

- Sidewalk replacements

- New water mains (Melrose Ave, Brier St, Roger Ave, Green Bay Rd, Kenilworth Ave, Cumberland Ave, Roslyn Rd, and Townley Field) 

- Water main valve replacements 

- Sewer improvements (Exmoor Rd, Cumnor Rd, Roger Ave, Leicester Rd, Cumberland Ave, Kenilworth Ave)

- Fire hydrant improvements

- Police Department security cameras

- Light pole/street light bulb replacements

- Bridge repairs