Administration and Finance

Village Hall
419 Richmond Road
Kenilworth, IL 60043

Telephone:     847-251-1666

E-mail: Village Hall Staff

Village Manager: Patrick Brennan
Finance Administrator: Maryann Van Dyke
Management Analyst: Justin Constantino
Management Analyst: Nadim Badran


The Administration and Finance office consists of the Village Manager, the Finance Administrator, and two Management Analysts. The administrative offices are located at the Village Hall, 419 Richmond Road, Kenilworth, IL 60043.  The Village Manager, Patrick Brennan, provides overall direction and administration of policies and procedures established by the President and Board of Trustees. The Manager also coordinates activities of all Village departments, and formulates policies, goals, and objectives in conjunction with department directors.

The Finance Administrator, Maryann Van Dyke, is responsible for coordinating and directing the financial activities of the Village including managing of revenue collections, controlling of expenditures, cash management and fund investment, and the maintenance of proper internal controls to safeguard Village assets.  Ms. Van Dyke also serves as the staff liaison to the Finance Committee and is a non-voting member of the Police Pension Board as their Bookkeeper.