Park District


Office: 847-251-1666

Superintendent: 847-251-1691




Park District Field Status


Field usability is indicated by a red or green flag flown at the north corner of Townley Field.


- If a red flag is flown, the fields are closed at that time.


- If a green flag is flown, fields are open for use.


Townley Field Mahoney Field Centennial Field Pee-Wee Field

Field Conditions Checked Twice Daily

*Flags are not flown on Weekends or Holidays. During those times, field users are subject to the field usage regulations that can be found on this page.





The Kenilworth Park District has partnered with the Strike Zone to provide a new baseball program for 2nd and 3rd grade kids. To sign up, please visit



Forms and Applications


Little Springs/ Sports Plus 2014 Summer Camp Registration Application


TrueFit Camp Registration


Field Use Request Form


Submission Dates for Field Use Requests
  Submission Period
Spring Field Use January 15th - February 15th
Fall Field Use July 15th - August 15th



Plant Sale


Informational Documents


Field Use Policy


Levy Assessment Ordinance for Fiscal Year June 2012 - May 2013


2014 Basketball Program: Game Schedule


Kenilworth Park District Financial Information


Kenilworth Park District Field Usage Fees


Margeurite L. Storch Garden Fund: Annual Call for Projects


2014 Park Board Meeting Schedule

Park Board Meeting Minutes

Renting the Kenilworth Village House

Kenilworth Park District Board Commissioners

Name Position Term Expires
Heidi Higgins  President 2015
Chip Anderson Commissioner 2017
George Drake Commissioner 2017
Kevin Flannery Commissioner 2017
Julie Garrison Commissioner 2017
Patrick Brennan Secretary Appointed
Kevin Sohn Acting Superintendent Appointed